S. Walter: Lecture courses

Scott A. Walter

Scott A. Walter: Lecture courses


Undergraduate Master
Styles of scientific reasoning (20h) History of the universe (24h)
Philosophy of technology (11h) Contemporary problems in the history of science (10h)


Undergraduate Master
Epistemology and history of science (24h) Modal logic (20h)
Introduction to the history of science (40h) The role of experiment in contemporary science (20h)
The Scientific Revolution (30h) The philosophical reception of relativity in France: Bergson vs. Einstein (40h)
History of optics (12h) Henri Poincaré’s Science and Hypothesis (40h)
Sentential logic (40h) Henri Poincaré’s Value of Science (40h)
First-order logic (40h) Henri Poincaré’s Science and Method (40h)
History and philosophy of relativity (40h) The historiography of science (12h)
Science & religion (30h) Topics in science & religion in the 19th C. (8h)
Cellular automata and formal grammars (20h) Methodology in the history and philosophy of science (12h)
Concepts of energy in the 19th century (12h) Practice and representation in contemporary physics (30h)
Styles of scientific reasoning (20h) Scientific biography: Poincaré and Einstein (40h)
Philosophy and the humanities (24h) Historical and philosophical approaches to spacetime (30h)
Science, culture, and society (24h) Science and Christianity in 19th-Century Europe (8h)
Science, technology, and the construction of the modern worldview (24h) Techniques and strategies for research in the humanities (12h)
Systems dynamics and control theory from Maxwell to Andronov (10h)
Hyperlight velocity from Heaviside to CERN (8h)
Historical epistemology (8h)
History of astronomy and cosmology (24h)
Science and technology in the 20th century